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Where In The World Is Ricardo Avila?

by Steven Doyle photo by Robert Bostick

You remember Ricardo Avila who successfully operated his family restaurant for many years. It was after he was featured on a Food Network program making tamales that the marvelous Tex Mex spot was lifted to full on high demand mode and was ousted by interloping family members.

Avila went on to open Mextopia in April of 2010 and offered kicked up Tex Mex favorites on Lowest Greenville Avnue. At that time the tract of Greenville was under turmoil and the city was busy cleaning up the crime situation doing plenty of road work that kept clientele from seeing his restaurant. Avila compensated by offering nights with Latin Jazz, and even a fantastic bacon happy hour where you merely needed to purchase a single beer to enjoy large platefuls of his thick, sweet and spicy bacon.    Continue reading

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Mextopia On Greenville Ave Closed

ricardo by Steven Doyle

Ricardo Avila is calling it quits at his wonderful restaurant on lowest Greenville Avenue. The man has endured plenty from the city with construction and other nuisances abound. Businesses around him folded all Summer long while Ricardo kept the home fires burning. Continue reading


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A Guide To Dallas Mole Sauce

by Steven Doyle

Today we have our taste buds set for mole. Mole is that earthy, slightly sweet deep brown sauce from Mexico that enriches any dish that it is served with. There are several decent examples of mole in Dallas, and we set out to sample a few plates.

Mole originated in Mexico, but that is about all some will agree on. The exact origin was perhaps Puebla, Oaxaca, but other states are known for their delicious moles with chile peppers as the common ingredient. The classic moles of central Mexico and Oaxaca, such as mole poblano and mole negro typically include ancho, pasilla and chipotle peppers.     Continue reading


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Mextopia Now Serving Breakfast

by Steven Doyle

Ricardo Avila is now in the breakfast business at his cool Mexican restaurant on lower Greenville Avenue, Mextopia. Starting at 6:30am each day you can enjoy his version og breakfast tacos such as potato and egg or add chorizo. Avila will also feature his delicious cheese grits and churros with chocolate sauce.

This all comes from the guy that offers free kicked up bacon at his Wednesday bacon happy hour, so we are sure he will have some of that going on.

2104 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(214) 824 9400

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Bacon Tour 2012

by Steven Doyle

It’s no secret that I am a wandering tour guide for the city’s best restaurants. I feel it is my role at craveDFW and I am an actual food guide on weekends with Dallas by Chocolate. But I have done this for years. Weekends I would take my friends on tiny excursions around Dallas on warm Saturday afternoons, showing them my favorite spots to hang out for a cold beer or a savory bite.

Our impromptu tours might have included grabbing a bottle of wine and a sandwich at Jimmy’s Food Store, only to enjoy on Tom Spicer’s back patio next door which during a conversation might lead to the best mussel battle and we would be off to enjoy a shared batch at Vickery Tavern. This would lead to tacos at Cool and Hot in Oak Cliff, followed by cocktails at Bolsa and a late pizza and a beer at Nova on Davis.    Continue reading

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