Donna Makes Some Serious Pie

by Steven Doyle

It’s no secret that we like pie. We like good pie in virtually every delicious flavor. This is why when we stumbled into Donna’s Pie House Café we were happily met by Jim and Donna Benedict who offer up not only delicious, and beautiful pies, but also some really good burgers, salads, soups and sandwiches.

Originally called Rosebud’s, the couple rebranded their restaurant to avoid confusion that they might be a tea room. Gone are all the nifty gifts in the front display.  The total revamp now features what Donna does best – pies.     

Today Donna’s serves up these delicious pies and are gearing up for the holidays. To get a full on taste test you can buy their popular Pie Bites. These are two or three mouth grabs that explode with pie flavor. These come in assorted styles and cost $1.40 each or $16.50 a dozen. You can mix and match the flavors for a cornucopia of tastes. The whole pies come in an astonishing 60 flavors, so they are sure to please most any pie lover.

Pie Bites came about when the couple was searching for ways to use the extra pie dough bits and pieces, when son Brian suggested this incredible idea that now brings in guests in hordes.

Pie Bite me.

Donna’s Pie House Cafe
5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 111, Dallas


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