Lockhart Smokehouse Swims With The Fishes

by Steven Doyle

It’s no secret that Will Fleischman at Lockhart Smokehouse has an amazing beard, or that he is cranking out some kick-ass BBQ in Bishop Arts. He is legend for his brisket, ribs, and sausages. Mid-week Fleischman cranks out his Flintstone-sized behemoth beef ribs, and sometimes the man entertains us with his now legendary rib-jam. Not to mention the smoked and silky prime rib suitable for a fine Sunday dinner outing with the family.     

Some occasions you will enjoy a smoked lamb, or whole cabrito. These are happy occasions that are best found out through the smokehouse’s Facebook page. If you are  Facebook hold out, join in if for no other reason than to find out about last weekend’s special, a whole smoked rainbow trout.

The trout was given a special rubbing and smoked for 45 minutes with the house choice of wood, post oak. Saturday Fleischman sold out of this unique offering. Sunday sales were staggered but brisk, most likely due to football. Any leftovers (gasp) would be turned into a smoked trout spread most likely sold today. Go check.


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2 responses to “Lockhart Smokehouse Swims With The Fishes

  1. Super nice guys! I got to be the relish girl at a Texas/OU gig with them. Yummy stuff!

  2. I am going to watch out for brussels.

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