Dude, Sweet Hearts You

dude2by Steven Doyle

I love me some Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and not a week goes by that I don’t stop in for a visit and to snoop for something new from the warped and talented mind of Katherine Clapner. Be it her Trixie and Chim Chim bar which is a Szechuan peppercorn and lime chocolate bar, or the Fungus Amongus, a soft butter toffee made with porcini mushroom and pepitas.

Chef Clapner is always coming out with something new and interesting, and it pays to drop by one of the three locations which we list below.  A recent visit netted a beautiful box of foie and caramel coins that was only available at the Preston Center shop.   


A few weeks back I saw the prototype for the new Valentine’s offering which looks exactly like an anatomically correct human heart. Where Clapner found a human heart to pattern the massive chunk of chocolate after, I won’t ask. Some things are best left unknown.

Dude, Sweet describes the heart called “Eat Your Heart Out!” as two pounds of South American Chocolate Love studded with Cocoa Puff Marshmallows, Crack in The Box & Crumbled Waffle Cone. The Cocoa Puff marshmallow is Clapner’s own creation which is Valrohna cocoa powder marshmallows. Crack In The Box is her biggest seller and is comprised of candied nuts, cocoa nibs in dark chocolate bark.

The hearts are in limited supply, and you can call in for a special order. They cost a mere $45 and will be a huge hit with your pre-med students, lost loves and even a current flame you want to dazzle with something unique.

Bishop Arts: 408 W Eighth St, Dallas   214.943.5943

Preston Center: 8304 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas   214.360.7516

The West 7th Development: 2925 Crockett Street, Ft Worth   817.945.2234


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