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Dude, Sweet Hearts You

dude2by Steven Doyle

I love me some Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and not a week goes by that I don’t stop in for a visit and to snoop for something new from the warped and talented mind of Katherine Clapner. Be it her Trixie and Chim Chim bar which is a Szechuan peppercorn and lime chocolate bar, or the Fungus Amongus, a soft butter toffee made with porcini mushroom and pepitas.

Chef Clapner is always coming out with something new and interesting, and it pays to drop by one of the three locations which we list below.  A recent visit netted a beautiful box of foie and caramel coins that was only available at the Preston Center shop.    Continue reading

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Chocolate Tour Visits Dude, Sweet

by Steven Doyle

Last weekend I was able to help guide the Dallas by Chocolate Tour, a new tour company that shuttles guests around in a luxury bus making a handful of stops only to taste chocolate. In the next few days I will share some of the stops and the chocolates we sampled. This past tour took us to Neuhaus Café  in North Dallas, Scardello, who sells some pretty damned good chocolate including Oh* Brownies and paired samples with cheese, CocoAndrē and Dude, Sweet Chocolate.

Today we take a look at Dude, Sweet Chocolate where pastry chef Katherine Clapner hosted the group of chocolate tourists and shared her insight into her own brand.  Continue reading

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Katherine Clapner Pairing Chocolate with Cheese at Sigel’s

by Crave Staff

Sigel’s Cheesemonger Theresa McGee and Chef Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate have combined their extraordinary talents to organize a cutting edge tasting of Cheese & Chocolate featuring the delicious raw milk cheeses of Brazos Valley Cheese Company. The Chocolate selections are still being finalized to pair with the following award winning Texas cheeses:   Continue reading


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Bastille Day Antics in Bishop Arts District

McCallister, Perkins, Cassel, Dickey

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

Celebrating the storming of the Bastille in France 222 years ago yesterday causes us now to think of crepes, silly tunes played on an accordion, wispy thin mustaches and mussels.  In the case of the celebration yesterday in Oak Cliff’s hipster Bishop Arts District thoughts fell on the latter with seven heavy-weight local chefs standing toque-to-toque in the third annual rocking mussel contest.

With music blaring through the streets, crowds gathered to challenge the heat, play games, drink wine and sample what the chefs brought to the table.             Continue reading

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Why Shop at a Market?

by Jon Alexis

Is Dallas a good food town? A debate that has been waged across dinner tables and blog comment sections. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, ask yourself this question: how was the debate framed?

Most likely, you discussed restaurants. Is our BBQ as good as the Hill Country? Is our Italian up to snuff? Is our sushi really as good as NYC and LA?

All valid questions. But restaurants alone do not a food culture make! Markets are an integral part of any food culture. And guess what – Dallas has fantastic independent markets in every part of the city.  Continue reading


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For those with a thirst for new suds, join our friends at Whole Foods Market on Park Lane tonight from 6-8pm for a free tasting with Tim Alexander, Brewer from Deschutes Brewery.  His offerings will be paired with tasty chocolates and cheeses to Continue reading

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