craveRADIO Premieres Sunday on 1190AM

radioby Steven Doyle

For those of you that follow us on Facebook we made an announcement about our foray into radio starting Sunday, March 24, 2013. Look for craveRADIO to air each week bringing you the flavor of Dallas and Fort Worth with special guests from North Texas and around the country. Each week we will interview chefs, winemakers, brewmasters and bartenders in a fun two hour format from the the Clear Channel studios on 1190 AM. We will also podcast each episode along with behind the scenes photos and stories on       

I will host the program along with long time radio personality Mondo Mike, formerly of the ‘Jagger in the Morning’ program on 105.3, who will offer his special take on food and wine. Mondo is a former student in the culinary program at El Centro. The third co-host is Ken Kuczwaj, a local restaurant manager who has amazing skills with wines, cigars and food. Ken will bring colorful stories to the studio each week and share his insider’s look into restaurants.

Listen each week as we sample amazing cuisine and sip some of the finest libations available. We invite you to call in the program and share your experiences as well. See you all Sunday. For more information follow us on our Facebook page.

photo from left to right: Doyle, Kuczwaj and Mondo



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7 responses to “craveRADIO Premieres Sunday on 1190AM

  1. Julie Gates

    Congratulations, Steven! You will LOVE radio– and you’ll be GREAT at it!

  2. MI-L Jean

    Mondo, so glade you are back on the raido !! You’ll do a GREAT job !

  3. Esa

    I can’t wait to hear Ken’s take on food, wine and life!!!

  4. Bill

    Having a convicted crime boss on your show. great

  5. i listen in Roanoke, Texas. why can i get 1190am in the daytime and not at night?

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