craveRADIO: April 14, 2013

14_2013_04_Crave_Radio-2019by Steven Doyle      photos by Robert Bostick

Last week on craveRADIO we had in studio the bodacious Bob Stephenson from FnG Eats in Keller. Chef Bob was gracious enough to bring the crave staffers a bountiful feast of Habanero Peach BBQ Ribs, El Comal Baked Beans, a little Mac a J.A.C and Texas Sweet Tea. Needless to say, we need more guests like Bob.

We discussed the menu at FnG, which happens to be fun plays on a lot of familiar dishes, and the good chef enraptured us with a poem. You see, Bob is what they call a Poetry Slammer. He travels across the country to participate in poetry events, and if you listen to the show you will be able to see why he does so well.  


Guest host Uno Immanivong was also in the studio, and particularly enjoyed Bob’s ribs. You know Uno from the ABC television series, The Taste. She is also opening her own restaurant this fall in Trinity Groves. Uno is always welcome in the studio with her insightful commentary on the restaurant scene.


Also in the studio we enjoyed chatting up JW Tate from Tate’s Craft Cocktails. The barman will soon be leaving Dallas to open a restaurant and do some consulting with other bars and restaurants in North Carolina. But before he goes JW will be hosting a rare whiskey dinner at Tate’s in Uptown.



This coming week we have chef Andre Natera in the Mighty 1190 studios. He is the new chef at Marquee in Highland Park. You will not want to miss this. If you are unable to listen to the show, which airs 4 to 6pm Sundays, you can catch us on IHEARTradio, or download the app to your smart phone and listen in there. Look for us on Itunes later this week.

Listen to the show here:

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