Win A Prize Bundle To Taste Addison 2013

taste1by Steven Doyle

Taste Addison is beautiful way to spend a fantastic Spring weekend, dining on tasty bite from local restaurants and listening to cool bands. This year will be bigger and better than ever with bands such as blue October, The O’s and the Turnpike Troubadours.

This year’s Taste Addison offers plenty of family friendly events including arts and crafts, a kids carnival and as always, Bonkers the Clown. For the big kids we can enjoy a wings eating contest courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings, wine seminars and a fair bartending exhibition performed by the folks at Sherlock’s.  

Then there is the food. The Taste Showcase offers demonstrations by both Tre Wilcox and Kent Rathbun, which always proves fun and exciting for the culinary enthusiasts. And don’t forget the seemingly hundreds of food booths offering everything from a pork chop on a stick prepared by chef Richard Chamberlain to exciting Thai offerings from several family restaurants in Addison.


We plan on giving away many Taste Packages which will include four entry tickets, plus a gift card from a local restaurant. The cards will be selected very randomly and could include one of the following: $25 from Flying Saucer, $20 Best Thai, dinner for two at Texas de Brazil,  $50 at Chamberlain’s Fish House, or Brunch for Two at Blue Mesa.

Each day leading up to the big event, which is May 17-19, 2013, we will post something about an event or a dish you need to sample at Taste Addison. Make a comment below the story and we will select a winner from that pool each day. We will have a last chance winner that will be selected from one of all the posts. The prizes will be overnighted to your doorstep just in time for the big weekend. All winners are selected at random, but we do appreciate good groveling.

Make a comment below to qualify for today’s contest, and we will see you all at the 2013 Taste Addison.



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41 responses to “Win A Prize Bundle To Taste Addison 2013

  1. Stephanie G.

    I can’t believe I’ve never attended Taste of Addison!

  2. Lindsay

    I love food and booze! I also love Cravedfw (grovel…grovel).

  3. I missed you last year but am very much looking forward to going this year!

  4. Can’t go wrong with fabulous prizes! Lol.

  5. giantsis

    Sounds like fun (Taste Addison AND your giveaways!)!

  6. Hayley

    Great prizes and Taste Addison is so much fun, would love to go!!

  7. As always, I’m in the mood for great food!

  8. Frank Gonzales

    I will be going everyday.

  9. Katy B.

    Did you say pork chop on a stick?! I must try this!

  10. Susan E.

    Love Taste of Addison! I haven’t been in a few years so it’s high time that I make it back!

  11. kat

    holy yummyness 🙂

  12. Love Taste of Addison!

  13. Adina

    Never been to Taste of Addison, but hope to go this year! 🙂

  14. susan

    That would be cool,sorry no groveling on Friday,have a great weekend.

  15. Maria

    I will like to go if I’m back on the 19th.

  16. LuAnn Bergman

    Sounds like fun! Who doesn’t like to taste?!

  17. Amy

    yeah you right!

  18. Becky Ryan

    I live on Addison Circle and will provide lodging to the drunkest CraveDFW employee that Saturday.

  19. broa

    YES! CraveDFW- Keeping us in the know and maybe even sending us for free. Woot!

  20. Jamie N.

    Yes, can’t wait!

  21. Jan Horton Thomason

    Would love to go to this. It would be so much fun, and i right now i need fun!!!

  22. Maria T.

    Love Taste Addison!!

  23. June

    Sounds like a blast!! It’s a significant weekend in mt familys life. it would be so special and honored to be chosen to lighten the memories and create new ones. 😉

  24. CT

    Sounds like I need to finally check it out this year!

  25. I’d love to take my sister to.this

  26. We decided to give away two packs today and the winners have been notified. Lindsay and Adina, congratulations. Keep your eyes on craveDFW as we will award several more packs starting Monday. The packs will be sent out via overnight shipping so the winners should have them by Thursday morning. Enjoy, and hope to see you all at this wonderful event.

  27. kirakat

    Is it true that there are no calories in any food consumed while walking around at Taste of Addison? 🙂

  28. Toadily

    this is a must…… lets a go…

  29. Fabian

    Gotta love Taste of Addison. I go every year.

  30. Brenda S

    Looking forward to my first time at Taste Of Addison

  31. Always a good time in a great park

  32. Lashonda Butler

    it would be nice to attend this occassion I always like to experience new things

  33. Laura Shepherd

    I would LOVE to bring my family to Taste of Addison this year! What a great event!!!!

  34. Lee Sinclair

    WooHoo! Let’s go to Taste of Addison!

  35. Ann Black

    I have never been to the Taste of Addison event. Would love to join this year!

  36. Traci Cormier

    It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to attend. It is the best event, even for kids!

  37. Mary Shepherd

    I went with my daughter & her family one year, but would love to visit again. thanks.

  38. My three-month old can’t wait for his first of many trips to Taste of Addison!

  39. S Wilson

    My co-worker is so excited about Taste of Addison, what a great spokesman he would be. Thanks to him, I now plan on attending this weekend with my family.

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