More Midnight Ramen At Ten Bells Tavern This Saturday

ramen1by Steven Doyle

Justin Holt’s last night at Lucia is this Saturday. After that you can find the up-and-coming chef cooking alongside his new boss and execu-chef, Omar Flores at Driftwood. You may recall the Holt name from his delightful pop-up ramen nights at a few Oak Cliff bars. The young chef would spend a week conjuring up killer ramen, which happens to be one of the hot new trends in dining, serving it up in cute Styrofoam cups for a mere five bucks.

Soon after Holt announced he was making his move to the seafood-centric restaurant Driftwood, he made comments about giving up on his ramenriffic dreams. Well, this is simply not true. When we caught wind of the new ramen night, which will be held at Ten Bells Tavern in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, we checked in on Holt. “I’ve got a game plan that should keep me on the road to ramageddon I’m going to stick with it,” said the chef.   

He is going to do this last ramen night, then focus on his new job at Driftwood before taking on additional ramen nights.

“Give it a couple months and we will probably be talking more frequently. The new ramen will feature a white broth, marinated egg, pickles and more tastiness.”

Sounds good to us. So perhaps you might be joining us for ramen at midnight at Ten Bells this Saturday.



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  1. Bob Costas

    Is that Paul Rubens nephew at Trade Winds?

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