craveRADIO: July 15

radio3by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

CraveRADIO was certainly interesting this weekend. We hosted SER execuchef Anthony Van Camp who shared with us his thoughts on converting Nana Grill into the steakhouse it is today. He brought in dinner for the crew at Crave, which was one of our favorite steaks in Dallas, the spinalis. Listen to the show at the link below to find out more what this steak is all about.

In addition, we also had on Julian Pagan, talented barman from Cedars Social who was in studio to share some of his favorite cocktail pairings and also make us a delicious Old Fashion which he thought paired best with Van Camp’s steak. As it turned out, the two are old friends and that made for an even more exciting program.  





Our delightful guest host, Uno Immanivong was back with us for another week and she brought in some of her famous duck tamales made with duck confit and duck fat masa. If this is the type of cuisine that her Chino Chinatown will be throwing down (and it will) we cannot wait until the restaurant opens. We may have to wait as late as November, but it will be well worth it when we sit down on weekends to enjoy her rendition of Asian-Latin fusion dim sum that will be served up on weekends.

Uno also shared her menu for this week’s Fork Fight in Trinity Groves where she will pit against Norman Grimm, executive chef for Kitchen LTO. Norman also called into the show to share his menu as well. It will be an exciting battle, and you can grab tickets at this link.

We also shared some of our favorite restaurant moments for the week. Also our show producer Melissa Roberts shared with us all the current openings and closings of area restaurants in her segment called the Buzz. You can listen to these stories and more on the link we provide below to hear the re-broadcast of this week’s show that originally aired on 1190am from 4 to 6 each Sunday afternoon. If you are outside our listening area you can load the IHeartRadio app on your phone to tune into 1190 in Dallas.

Listen Here: Crave 7-14-13


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