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Maine-lobsterby Steven Doyle

If you are a regular reader of craveDFW you know that we are super fans of TJ’s Seafood Market located on Preston at Forest Lane, and the new location on  Oak Lawn Across from Al Biernat’s restaurant. The reason is simple, the proprietor Jon Alexis flies his seafood in every day, all day. He buys in quantities that sell quickly so nothing remains each day. We liked our beef aged, but not our snapper.

Alexis has teamed up with the boys at Veritas Wine Room  (located on Henderson in Dallas) the third Sunday of each month to provide a lobster bake that includes a whole lobster,   potatoes, corn, clams, mussels, sausage, etc. for $30. That shindig starts at 5:30 on the third Sunday of each month. There are plenty f great beers or wines t pair this dinner up with, so don’t miss that.  But wait, there is a mega dinner planned or this weekend…


Now we have news that they will be doing some more outdoor cooking with their mobile lobster cooker. Check out the menu for July 28, 2013 and make plans to stop in for this feast. You need to RSVP today!

Date: Sunday, July 28

Time: Show up at 6:30 and prepare yourself for a seafood feast. I recommend champagne, but that’s just me! First course will be ready at approximately 715.

Cost: $50 plus tax per person


Course 1:

Chilled Seared Scallop with Summer Curry and Peas

Course 2:

Ceviche with Baked Tarot Chip & Plantains

Course 3:

House Smoked Fish Collar with Jamaican Jerk Glaze, Island Rice & Salad Frisee


Grape Preserve Granita & Cream


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  1. Best cooked lobster can be found at Sea Breeze in Plano, and T.J.’s Seafood on Oak Lawn. The jumbo crab cakes at T.J.’s on Oaklawn are to die for.

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