Chino Wins Another Round At Fork Fight


by Steven Doyle   photos by  Joey Stewart

As each bracket nears closer to the final entry, the Trinity Grove’s Fork Fight battle gets more and more heated. Last night proved to be one of the more exciting chapters in the history of the contest with Souk and Chino taking it to extremes on the plate.  Both Yasar Khalaf (Souk) and Uno (Chino) worked the crowd one final time as the crowd filled the space at 3015 Trinity Groves, first sipping hand crafted cocktails made by both teams, then finally settling in to a starter course.

The night rolled on and the servers continued to bring the many course, eight in total, to the sold out crowd. With the final fork count showing a decisive Chino win it was evident that the true victors were those dining, even with the team of belly dancers invited by Souk (smart play).  


We share with you the photos from the evening below. There are a few tickets remaining for next week’s battle between LUCK and Amberjax. Remember LUCK is the Local Urban Craft Kitchen which features many of their dishes infused with local brews, and Amberjax is the seafood entry at Trinity Groves. Both are revered by the public and should prove to be an interesting contest. Buy your tickets now.


DSC09164Souk’s Chicken Bastilla

Uno Lobster AppChino’s pre-sauced Guajillo Lobster Shooters

Hallum SaladSouk’s Watermelon and Hallume Cheese Salad

Crab SaladChino Thai Crab Causa Salad

TenderloinSouk Beef Tenderloin and Apple Tagine

LambChino Chimichurri  Grilled Lamb Chop

PearSouk Spiced Pear and Stuffed Date

CakeChino Mexican Mole Cake with Coconut Ice Cream


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