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casa rubiaby Alex “Moose” Perez

We asked local competitive eater Moose Perez where he has been dining lately and he sent us over a short list. Interesting restaurants. We will check in with Moose on occasion.

When it comes to food I’m sure to be as picky as any Foodie, but when it comes to food competitions, you can bet I’ll eat anything thrown at me.  There are four things that take precedence to eating and making it best choice for me: environment, service, drinks, and more importantly, quality of food.  Here are my TOP FIVE places to eat that meet Moose criteria.   

victor tangoVictor Tango Chicken and Waffles

Victor Tangos – My first visit to this spectacular restaurant simply blew me away.  From being greeted, to being waited on, to the drinks and food, everything is just spot on.  From time to time, you will find that drink list evolves more rapidly than you can say Jimmy Johns.  Item on the menu are hard to find on menus elsewhere, so with that said, makes for a Moose favorite.

LUCK – After hearing about LUCK, I knew that this place would be a major hitter for me.  I find not only the main dishes to be extremely tasty but the salads as well.  The one major thing that turns me on about LUCK is their selection of local craft beer.  Their philosophy is simple – only bring in beer from within a certain radius of the metroplex in which they have coined the ‘Bermuda Triangle”.

DSC00192Monkey King’s Xiao Long Bao and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Monkey King Noodle Company – What can I say?  Any place that makes noodles in front of you upon ordering is a no brainer best for me.  Although the location and menu are small, do not be fooled as the food will blow your taste buds away.  There’s something comforting about sipping on spicy beef broth while slurping up fresh made noodles that I call “comfort food”.

Si Tapas – I recommend sitting on the patio when dining here.  The wide selection of tapas at this small lovely restaurant makes for a fun eat.  The Sangria and House Wine drinks are so refreshing, and compliment the tapas very well.  As with any restaurant, do not be shy to order items you have never heard of.  Do your taste buds a favor and order away at the delicious items on the menu.

si tapas1Si Tapas makes a fantastic Tortilla Espanola

Casa Rubia – Another fantastic restaurant found right next to LUCK in Trinity Groves area.  I do believe there was not one thing I did not like about their menu.  I would go here every day if I had the budget to back it up.  You will find a bigger variety of food that you have only seen on Food or Travel channel than any other restaurant in Dallas.  Probably the best Octopus I have ever tasted can be found here.

More than likely, you won’t find me doing any food competitions at any of these joints but you will find me gorging on the food here from time to time.

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