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Vegan and Vegetarian Menu at III Forks

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While many restaurants have begun offering more vegetable-forward dining, when vegetarians and vegans visit large traditional steakhouses, they’re often relegated to a bowl of pasta with steamed or sautéed vegetables.

Noted steakhouse III Forks recognizes that not all of their diners are meat eaters, but all of their diners do deserve an exceptional culinary experience.  The steakhouse has launched an expanded vegetarian and vegan menu (attached) which highlights dishes that work for either dietary choice. Items are marked on the menu as to which is vegan and which is lacto-ovo vegetarian. Continue reading

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Corral Corrientes 348

grill cookingby Steven Doyle

In a city where meat is king and steakhouses are landing faster than the Bugatti Veyron, it is refreshing to find something a bit out of the ordinary. Meet Corrientes 348, the new Argentinian steakhouse located in the former Stephan Pyles vast location on Ross Avenue.

Argentinians have a fondness for meat, or rather an “asado” or “parrillada.” Meats are cooked on a parilla (grill) while attendees enjoy socializing and drinking wine, typically a Malbec. Parrilla culture is largely about patience and enjoying the company they keep. Staying true to their roots, the restaurant will have a dramatic open flame parilla (custom-made in South America) anchoring the main dining room with 20 seats surrounding it.  Continue reading


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Where The Moose Graze

casa rubiaby Alex “Moose” Perez

We asked local competitive eater Moose Perez where he has been dining lately and he sent us over a short list. Interesting restaurants. We will check in with Moose on occasion.

When it comes to food I’m sure to be as picky as any Foodie, but when it comes to food competitions, you can bet I’ll eat anything thrown at me.  There are four things that take precedence to eating and making it best choice for me: environment, service, drinks, and more importantly, quality of food.  Here are my TOP FIVE places to eat that meet Moose criteria.    Continue reading

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