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Where The Moose Graze

casa rubiaby Alex “Moose” Perez

We asked local competitive eater Moose Perez where he has been dining lately and he sent us over a short list. Interesting restaurants. We will check in with Moose on occasion.

When it comes to food I’m sure to be as picky as any Foodie, but when it comes to food competitions, you can bet I’ll eat anything thrown at me.  There are four things that take precedence to eating and making it best choice for me: environment, service, drinks, and more importantly, quality of food.  Here are my TOP FIVE places to eat that meet Moose criteria.    Continue reading

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Jayne Embraces Her Inner-Foodie

foodie1by Jayne Chobot

Foodie is not a word that I enjoy or use to call myself. I do like food, a lot, and after years of working in hospitality and with a healthy dose of curiosity, I know quite a bit about it. I even cook it. But really I’m just a very passionate and sensual person, enjoying all senses with equal vigor. A great meal in my book satisfies all of them; it’s beautifully presented, obviously it smells and tastes good, and it’s enjoyed while surrounded with good company. Continue reading

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