Justin Holt Leaves Driftwood, Final Bowl of Ramen Served – For Now

DSC00925by Steven Doyle

We all love secret things. Just about every fast food menu has a secret sibling you can order from if you know the secret handshake. At one of the best seafood restaurants in Dallas there was a secret menu item if you knew how to go about ordering. Driftwood featured a bowl of ramen on certain days, and only at the bar. But don’t fret, the ramen has left the building. This was the special ramen made famous by local sous chef Justin Holt.

You recall the clandestine ramen nights at various Oak Cliff bars. Those nights went away when Holt took a position at Driftwood, and he began serving the soup as a special. The only problem is Holt’s last evening at Driftwood was Saturday, and I ordered the final bowl.  

I can tell you how delicious, how supple, how exquisitely delightful it was, and it was, but we all will have to wait for a pop-up to enjoy another bowl of that very tasty ramen. Holt wouldn’t tell me where he was off to, but sources informed that it is very close by. Nothing escapes craveDFW.  So we plead to the chef for another ramen night. We loved our midnight ramen, it secured happy dreams.

As for that last bowl of ramen, I enjoyed it to the very last drop when I tilted the bowl to my face and slurped.  Thank you, chef.



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  1. Andrew

    Is it just uncanny coincidence (or the result of my browsing history) that there’s an Audi ad featuring David Chang at the bottom of this article?

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