East Dallas Gem Genaro’s Closed

genaro1by Steven Doyle

Genaro Silva’s namesake restaurant Genaro’s closed yesterday. The restaurateur delivered pretty terrific food dating back to the 1980’s with such restaurants as Genaro’s Tropical, Moctezuma’s and Garmo’s . His latest restaurant served up insanely delicious seafood and Tex Mex with a bent on Yucatan-style food.  


Now we will all be Jonesing for a fix of El Cortez-Saffron Linguini with clams, mussels, shrimp, squid and snapper in Tequila Cream Sauce; Pez Espada-Grilled Swordfish Kebabs; Relleno Del Mar-a mild poblano filled with shrimp, crab, snapper and cheese lightly breaded in an Ancho Chile-Avocado Cream Sauce; Spinach and Seafood Enchiladas.

The restaurant was located at 6465 E. Mockingbird.


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