New Urban Thai Restaurant Kin Kin Opens Jan 2015


James Beard recognized Chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin is ready to embark on a flavorful new adventure with Kin Kin Urban Thai. Expected to open in January 2015, the 3,500 sq. ft. eatery located at 2801 W. 7th Street in Fort Worth, will be a culinary journey to his homeland, as he shares his personal interpretation on traditional Thai cuisine.

“I want to reintroduce classic dishes in a whole new way,” says Eddy. In Thai Kin Kin can be interpreted as “Eat Up,” or “Let’s Eat,” and that is what Chef Eddy wants guests to do at this innovative dining destination. “I wanted to open a restaurant where we would want to eat.

The flavor profile of Kin Kin is vibrant and modern, just like visiting Thailand today. “For the first time, I can tell my food story,” said Chef Eddy. “But it all starts with my mother. I learned so much of what I know about food from my mom, Pat, both in her restaurants and when she cooked for the Thai Royal family.”   


While Eddy received formal culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu, he still credits his mother’s training most for shaping him as a chef. She taught Eddy that flavor was subject to personal taste, but technique was not. “However, it was only upon graduating that I realized how much I still had to learn from my mother, explains Eddy. “She builds layers of flavors like it’s a science. She still has some tricks up her sleeve that I learn every time we’re in the kitchen together.”

Both the cuisine and the décor for Kin Kin will be shaped by contemporary Thai culture. In preparation for the launch, Chef Eddy spent a month in Thailand traveling urban markets, contemporary restaurants and traditional eateries, re-engaging with the culture. “Bangkok is one of the most vibrant culinary cities,” explains Eddy. “I want to bring the food, and even the pop culture influences, back to Fort Worth diners.”


For Chef Eddy, creation of Kin Kin Urban Thai is a way to pay homage to the contribution his mother and his family have made in his development as a chef. “This restaurant reflects the passion my mother has instilled within me for Thai food. It is because of her sacrifices and her training that I have both the cultural awareness and classical training to share our taste of Thailand with North Texas.”

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