Deep Ellum Collaborates With Jameson To Produce The Stellar Local Legend Brew

DSC08803by Steven Doyle

Jameson, the world’s favorite Irish whiskey, collaborated with American breweries as part of their Drinking Buddies programs. Continuing on last year’s successful collaboration with KelSo Beer Company of Brooklyn, Jameson selected breweries from across the US who exemplify devotion to the spirit of their neighborhoods and share Jameson’s passion for craft and quality in the beer they produce.

The five breweries include – Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, Hilliard’s Beer in Seattle, Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas, Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, and Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in New York. Jameson invited each brewery to the distillery in Ireland, and then sent them home with Jameson Whiskey barrels to create a limited edition beer inspired by both their experience in Ireland, and their own unique neighborhood.  



Last evening Deep Ellum rolled out their version of the Jameson barrel aged brew which is a version of their sweet stout. The deep black brew has flavors of vanilla, oak, and a rich mouthfeel from the flaked barley, with notes of dark chocolate and roasted grains as well as an uncommon smoothness that rates a surprisingly low 6.0 ABV.

Jameson basically took over the brewery last evening and bought the crowd a few beers, as well as sampled out the variety of Jameson Irish Whiskey products. They also invited several food trucks and fed the hungry crowd. It was a pretty spectacular evening.


Look for the Jameson stout, which is appropriately called the Local Legend, at the Deep Ellum Taproom while supplies last.

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  1. Great to see the sweet pecan stout went down so well! Was very interested in seeing how it was going to be received! Great write up!

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