Last Chance at Chefs for Farmers Tickets! *Contest

06_2012_05_CFF-152by Steven Doyle

What a long strange trip its been. Not many years ago Iris Midler and Matt McCallister started their five-star festival that is centered on the the Dallas dining scene with a long table event held out in a field of a local farm just outside the Dallas city limits on the farm of Marie Tedei, Eden’s Organic Farm. This is the event that event they called Chefs for Farmers. From there this grew into a festival of fun of fantastic proportions that will culminate this October 25th at Lee Park where 1000’s of revelers will enjoy a plethora of chef stations paired with fine wines and spirits. We hear that this year there will even be a special biscuit station as well as an oyster lounge. All this to benefit our local farming community, raising an expected $25,000 for charity. 

The tickets for this even have been on sale, and are actually just about sold out. However, we were able to snag a pair for a lucky couple to join us this Sunday at Lee Park. If you wish to guarantee your ticket buy it now! If you are feeling lucky enter by making a comment below. We will select one person for two tickets at random tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, October 22nd).

This is going to be one heck of a shindig.


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38 responses to “Last Chance at Chefs for Farmers Tickets! *Contest

  1. I’m feeling pretty lucky (Or at least I really, really hope so!!)

    • Debbie Lanz

      I would love to attend this and then share my experience with the children I teach healthy cooking to. Please pick me!

  2. Pick me, pretty please!!!!

  3. Kiyoko Kinoshita

    Pick me 😉

  4. Lee Jamison

    I’ve lived my entire life just for this moment, for the chance to win these tickets.

  5. I sure hope I win!

  6. Jill H B

    Broke restaurant employee desperately seeking life-changing food experience. Enjoys zucchini blossoms and stinky cheese. Looking for some tickets that can keep up with her rapidly maturing palate.

  7. susan

    Oh how I would love to attend this awesome event

  8. Alison

    Biscuit station and oyster lounge sounds interesting! And all the chef stations paired with fine wines and spirits, yum! I would love to attend!

  9. Julia B

    Looks awesome! I’d love to go!

  10. Caroline

    Sounds like the picnic party of the year. Would love to go !

  11. Sofie

    Yes, please!

  12. Russell Holloway

    Sure hope I get lucky with Doyle.

  13. Latanya Thomas

    I’d love some free tickets to this event. Thanks for the chance!

  14. This sounds like a really fun date night, thanks for sharing!

  15. Melinda Watkins

    I AM feeling lucky since this is bar none the best food festival in town! Rain, rain go away!! Too much work for a great purpose has gone into this to let Mother Nature spoil it!!

  16. Jason A West

    Ohh pick me pick me!

  17. Brandi Roa

    CFF…worth it! But feeling lucky!

  18. Mike Marrero

    Eat me!!

  19. Debbie Caldwell

    We haven’t been yet, but going Saturday to the butcher block party, huge supporters and would love to attend. Awesome cause and very happy to support. But husband is totally dragging his feet on being foodie….;

  20. Angela

    So many of my favorite restaurants and chefs are lined up!! I would lloooovveee to feast at this event 😁😁

  21. Tina stelnicki

    Have never attended this event. Hoping to win tickets – sounds like fun!!!

  22. Caroline

    Yo pick me!

  23. If you pick me, I’ll be your best friend.

  24. steven sarwi

    I sure hope I win!

  25. It’s a fantastic event! Buy your tickets before it sells out!

  26. Kristen Mar

    My anniversary is Nov 2 I would love to surprise my husband with this!

  27. Christina MacMicken

    Amazing event by two amazing people! Stoked to see the outcome of the giveaway…hint hint..,pick me!

  28. Well, do I feel lucky? I’m gonna say yes, yes I do. Also, feed me.

  29. Jeffrey Horn

    I would love to go…and I am a happy go lucky guy!
    I have heard about the event and about Iris for a couple years, if it’s meant to be, perhaps we will meet!

    Ciao !

  30. Wesley Shuemake

    pick me pick me pick me

  31. Sarah Im

    I’ve never attended this event before and would love to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday!!!!!!!

  32. Monica

    I’m feeling lucky! We already have 2 tickets but would love to be able to introduce 2 more people to this great event!!

  33. If Monica wins can I be her friend?

  34. Chris

    If you pick me I promise to over indulge on Champagne and Oysters and then tell everyone that CraveDFW is the best food blog in the city. After I chew my food, of course

  35. James Jordan

    I’ve never been, because I always had to work, but unemployment could have it’s benefits here….if I won tickets,


  36. We wish we could pick everyone, but alas that is not possible. With our randomizer we gave each of you a number and the luck of the draw is Jason West. Congratulations!

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