Dos Jefes Offering Special Paired Cocktail Dinner October 6th


Dos Jefes is introducing a distinctive dinner series it’s calling The Mexican Pantry.

Executive Chef Samir Dhurandhar and Salvador Ordaz will kick off the monthly dinner specials on Thursday, Oct. 6, with an artful and savory Mexican prix fixe menu featuring:

Squash Blossoms Fritters – goat cheese, epazote, guacamole caldo Xochitl, chicken, queso fresco, cilantro, serrano

Tomatillos – pozole verde, lobster, shrimp, poblano, tomatillos

Masa Harina – tamale, tiger prawns, roasted garlic

Suckling Pig – confit, pancetta, borracho lentils, kabocha squash

Piloncillo – capirotada, Oaxaca, raisins, almonds

Each of these amazing dishes is perfect for pairing with Dos Jefes’ specialty cocktails that are included with the dinner.

Mexican Pantry Dinners at Dos Jefes will begin seating at 6:30 p.m. and are priced at $50 per adult (excluding tax and gratuity). For reservations, call 214.303.1880.

Dos Jefes, an upscale tequila and tapas restaurant, is an original concept developed by Dallas restaurateur Joseph Palladino.

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