Jimmy Baldwin Sings Our Chicken Fried Anthem

jimmyby Steven Doyle

While we continue to bring you up-to-the-minute reports on chicken fried steak sightings today, we wish to share the very anthem that sheds the spot light on Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day from the Vivador himself, Jimmy Baldwin, another man who serves as one of our great modern Texas heroes.

Jimmy is the talented fellow who graduated from the University of Texas. He scurried straight to The Richards Group in 1985 and started doing memorable work for Corona, Motel 6, Learjet, Henry Weinhard’s, the State Fair of Texas, and Greyhound. His work has been honored by the Cannes Advertising Festival, the Clios, The One Show, Communication Arts, the New York Art Directors Club Show, Graphis, and Print magazine and was even spoofed on Saturday Night Live.

Jimmy is a singer/songwriter, a Bob Wills-meets-Bob Dylan-meets-Bob Marley type. His debut record was an Americana radio top 40 release, and he has fans nationwide and a handful of very cool groupies: his wife, Jane, his daughter, Ruby Jane, and their dog, Santa’s Little Helper.

As the Vivador says in this divisive time in America,  “Too much hate going’ on. We need more Peace, Love and Chicken Fried Steak.”

Please stand.

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