How Much All The Bacon and Eggs Cost?

swansonby Steven Doyle

You no doubt remember that iconic scene from Parks and Recreation where character Ron Swanson, portrayed by Nick Offerman, orders all the bacon and eggs the diner has.

If you have never watched the program, you still no doubt have heard these words spoken. Watch the scene here. Swanson was the ultimate carnivore and enjoyed eating large supplies of beef washed down by quantities of Lagavulin scotch.  


We were curious today and asked chef-restaurateur Hans Peter Muller of the Fort Worth Swiss Bakery fame, the place where they make silly good burgers, pastries and, yes, bacon and eggs.Muller was quick to estimate that your tab would be near $1800 should you decide to order all the bacon and eggs in his restaurant.

So you might want to save up for this large breakfast. Or for $1800 you might rather have the TAG Heuer’s luxury Android Wear watch.


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  1. What a great article! It’s without a doubt my favorite episode for exactly that reason, and well worth the bill 🙂

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