A Revisit To An Old Friend: The Grill

DSC00884by Steven Doyle

In 1984, The Grill on the Alley, located steps from Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, opened its doors and became and became a huge success. It earned The Grill an international reputation for quality and consistency. The three founders developed a concept that still draws fans worldwide. The Grill today continues its traditions in major United States cities, including Dallas, by offering an extensive selection of superior quality classic American food served by dedicated professionals in a sophisticated, yet warm and unpretentious atmosphere.

Today the Grill continues its tradition of quality cocktails, an extensive wine list and fun plays on American standard dishes such as the massive chicken pot pie, sushi rolls, large cuts of beef and so much more.

Recently we had an opportunity to dine at The Grill, which is located at the Galleria in Dallas, and reacquaint ourselves with some of the dishes they have introduced on their Spring menu.  




The Grill is staying fresh by offering hot items that are making their path across menus in the country such as Ahi Tuna Poke and Crab and Hamachi Rolls, but also have this beautiful 14 ounce Tomahawk Chop that is lightly glazed and perfectly juice throughout.

The new side dish that caught out tastes was the lobster mashed potato. We have had our fair share of lobster mac, so this was a pleasant surprise with its massive chunks of lobster packed on top of the sharable side. This could almost be ordered happily at the bar as a light dinner supplement to a few nice cocktails or a beer.

The most excited meaty dish was the giant slabs of pork belly dressed with Szechuan pepper corns. Unlike many versions of pork belly we have had in the past that were supremely unctuous, these were firm and meaty strips of meat that were not too unlike giant slabs of bacon sans all the over-the-top fattiness.

DSC00900pieThe massive pot pie

We finished out meal with what we counted as an eight-layered coconut cake, but did spot the very well known Key Lime Pie which has always been a pleaser.

We suggest you get reacquainted with this old friend, if nothing else than to try that chicken pot pie once again.

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