Jeng Chi Adds Full Service Bar

jc1by Steven Doyle  photos by Suzi Migdol

Opening in 1990 Jeng Chi has a flair for Chinese that is rarely found in Dallas. So many Chinese restaurants are geared towards the American sensibility and loses something in the translation, but Jeng Chi stays true and we profit from this ideal.

A recent visit found a new twist to the restaurant which is located in Richardson’s Little China on Greenville Avenue near Main. Jeng Chi is no stranger to change, first opening a few doors down from its current 8,300 square feet of dining room and kitchen. Originally guests had but a few seats to choose from. Now banquets are served handily, and large celebrations are enjoyed at Jeng Chi. The latest addition is their full service bar.  



We sampled cocktails which actually surprised us. We were expecting large juiced drinks with a cloying back finish, but we were not at an Americanized chain, and these drinks were created to make you happy.

Many of the cocktails are laced with Buddha’s Brew Kombucha made in Austin, which at first turned us off a bit. However, tasting the Kombucha solo it is quite unique and flavorful. Not your typical brew that is generally off-putting and to be honest – rancid. Buddha’s Brew is highlighted with fresh, natural flavors that beckon and make for a perfectly healthy and delicious mixer. Jeng Chi also creates their own Kombucha.


The cocktails are infused with fine and familiar labels of gin, whiskey and rum. They are patterned after familiar names such as the Dark and Stormy made with aged rum. These drinks are purposely and carefully designed to pair with meals. Dumplings, noodles, and carefully thought out sauces.

When visiting Jeng Chi, be sure to start with the soup dumplings and finish with one of their many amazing pastries. In between it is up to you as long as you toast with one of their new signature cocktails.


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  1. I was at their cocktail tasting too and I loved that they were not too sugary-syrupy. They were fruity, citrusy, unique, beautifully garnished … and strong!

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