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Loving Lekka on Henderson

lekka2by Steven Doyle

If you are familiar with Lekka in Far North Dallas on Preston Road you might be excited to hear that there is a new outpost on Henderson in the space that was once Gin Mill which closed suddenly one night in 2015. Since then the building sat quietly in wait of the new owners who have livened up the space with a fresh menu, slap-happy cocktails and all those pastries that make the original location so inviting.

For those unfamiliar with the 1921 N Henderson digs it is surrounded by Beauty Bar, Barcadia and Louies. The north side of Henderson that is spirited and romping. 


Our recent visit was just as exciting with the room filled with laughter, live music and all those interesting dining options. Start your meal with Reuben Spring Rolls, crispy wraps loaded with pastrami, Swiss cheese and kraut swerved with a side of thousand island dressing for a power punch of flavors. Something a bit more on the fun side are the fried mac and cheese balls which are large and filled with a creamy center of mac, and well, cheese. The dish is served perched on a pool of soothing marinara.

You might also enjoy the veggie or chicken samosas that has a light crusted pastry and served with a mango chutney. A Durban-style treat that reflects the owners South African descent. Very much worth ordering.

You will find a slew of salads on this menu, and that is lekkah (which by the way means delicious, fun or anything good). You might wish to taste the very delicious Suhi Salad, which amounts to a deconstructed roll made with smoked salmon or ahi tuna, a plate of nori, avocado, sushi rice, julienned carrots and cucumber, black sesame seeds and a side of wasabi dressing. Superb.

Another homage to South Africa include ‘sarmies’, or lightly toasted sandwiches served with chicken, tuna and cheese and tomato at Lekka.

Heartier items such as a grilled whole branzini graces the menu. A whole fish that could easily be shared with a friend, or devoured by a hungry wolf pack of one. We also enjoyed the flat bread which all have unusually wonderful ingredient combinations.

Desserts have always been a Lekka strong point, all made in-house and always large and in charge. For a group feeding try the Red Velvet Cheesecake for a taste overload. You enjoy red velvet, and we know you love cheesecake. How about order one giant slice that will satisfy both craving at one sitting?

Cocktails are well thought out and not overly priced. Fresh juices are extracted daily. There are also plenty of South African named cocktails, including a stash of martinis and specialty drinks. It will be fun boning up on your South African slang and geography. Drinking while you learn can be exciting fun.

You might spring through the shop in the back that carries similar items that the Lekka on Preston is so well known for. Look for beautiful hand-made glass art pieces, Himalayan salt rock lamps and so much more, and all extremely interesting.

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