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farm5by Steven Doyle

We took a look at Farmbyrd when they opened and have been in for a visit a few times since then. Just over a year later chef Ryan Carbery, a classically trained chef, is doing what a few others have chosen as a path. He is bringing chef driven fare to the general public at bargain prices, few frills and doing it very well.

As with any chef, there is that moment when you possibly get a tad bored with creating the same thing each day, albeit truly fantastic. In the case of Carbery at FarmByrd he stretched his chef wings, no pun intended, by offering uniquely kicked up dishes at a fast casual prices. Consider this a win-win for all concerned. It keeps chef happy and interested, although he is a major partner in the business, and it keeps the chicken eating public extremely happy only to walk into his Plano digs to find crazy good food being offered besides the usual fried and rotisserie birds. 

The sides have always been strong at FarmByrd. Consider the mac and cheese heaven sent. Three cheese and tubes instead of macaroni. Tubes are the only way to fly with mac in my book. There is a daily iteration of the mac waiting for you when you come in called Clarence’s Mac n Stuff. This is another chef outlet.

Consider the side of creamy bleu cheese and candied pecan slaw. Amazing. Artichoke hearts and goat cheese on a fast casual menu is magnificent. Cauliflower is loved here two ways, au gratin and flashed fried. You get the idea, there are things going on here.

Peruse the FarmByrd Facebook for more hot chef action. Consider the following:


The most current titillation is this brutal sandwich. The Big Country – Texas wagyu chili, country fried ribeye, crispy onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and horseradish-blue cheese sauce. If that doesn’t entice, nothing will.


The 3 Amigos is country fried bologna, Texas wagyu meatloaf and green chili chicken.


A chicken fried steak with sweet potato fries.


There’s that Texas wagyu meatloaf you may have heard about.


This makes sense. Chicken and waffles served all day. Brunch on your schedule.

Not all these specials are available, you need to stalk the FarmByrd Facebook pages. But not too long ago we spotted country fried sweetbreads. God bless chef Ryan Carbery and FarmByrd. Support these guys and we might see another location closer to the inner city.

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