Blaine Staniford Visits Uchiba for Uncommon Ramen Night

40110870_10218276539653505_6271661629604102144_n.jpgby Alex Gonzalez

This past Monday evening, Chef Blaine Staniford paid a visit to Uchiba in Uptown Dallas for their monthly Uncommon Ramen dinner. Staniford, having previously been named Fort Worth’s Top Chef of 2012, specializes in creating innovative and inspiring dishes through seasonal menu changes to demonstrate his craft with the freshest ingredients.

At August’s Uncommon Ramen dinner, Staniford’s featured specialties included wagyu ribeye, spicy duck ramen, and a fresno fizz cocktail.

The spicy duck ramen consisted of dried aged duck breast, duck meatballs, charred maitake, citrus endive, szechuan oil, and a soft boiled ajitama egg. The noodles were cooked to a thick yet chewable consistency and the broth-to-ramen ratio was just right. The duck breast was cooked to pink, stretchy perfection and each morsel of the meatballs were packed with spongy, spicy goodness.


To try more of Staniford’s incredible creations, visit Grace in Fort Worth, where he serves as the restaurant’s Executive Chef. You can also try some of his dishes at Grace’s sister restaurant, Little Red Wasp Kitchen + Bar.

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