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Best Buffet Selections in Dallas

buffet.jpgby Steven Doyle

We have been asked to write a list of the best buffets in Dallas and initially that seems like a dreadful task, but once we pulled off the ugly layers of the buffet onion we were shocked at how many lovely experiences could be found. The very best way to run a buffet situation is to keep it fresh, clean and with an unusual variety to keep guest’s interest. In the case of the Indian food buffet, it makes for an excellent canvass to bring newcomers to the cuisine with the ability to instantly sample a variety of dishes and spark an interest that may not have formerly been there.

We think we found a few you will enjoy. We hope you share your favorites in the comment section!

Ali Baba may have changed locations a few times over the past years but we always find this line of fresh, interesting and flavorful Mediterranean food waiting for us. Look for a wide variety of meat, poultry, vegetables and fruit on this quickly moving buffet which is $15 for weekday lunch.

Japan House is located in Plano and serves a wide variety to keep even non-sushi friends interested. They serve a host of interesting rolls, sashimi, seafood and more with lunches priced at 17.99 for all you might eat.

We really enjoy Mulghlai Fine Indian Cuisine, and for lunches you will find a great spread on the lunch only buffet. What a fantrastic way to show your friends who have shied away from this cuisine what a flavorful delight it can be. 12.99

Do not forget fabulous brunch buffets such as our favorite at Via Real in Irving which serves these beautiful offerings such as tamales, Eggs Benedict, Chilaquiles, waffles to order, plus a carving station and a full array of Mexican dishes, beef and seafood. A full spread for 25.

A true Dallas bucket list item, Kalachandji’s is this beautiful Krishna temple in East Dallas that serves an even more beautiful Vedic lunch and dinner buffet. Think Indian without all the spices that might offend some. Lovely breads such as their cinnamon raisin and crunchy pappadam also included. The menu changes daily with plenty to choose from for 9.95 for lunch and 10.95 for dinner.

Jasmine Cafe has an extremely flavorful buffet which holds a vast variety of meats and vegetables. This very authentic Palestinian restaurant hosts Ramadan Iftar and many other religious holiday meals. Lunch is a mere $11.99 per person. Look for their hookah bar next door.

When we think of buffets we think a large and unending meal. Although not technically a buffet, Fogo de Chao fits the profile. Think unending meats and vegetables with a bountiful salad bar. High quality meats are served tableside off a skewer with cuts such as tenderloin, ribs, lamb chops and so very much more.

You may already know about Blue Mesa’s Sunday brunch buffet, but they are fast becoming known for their Wednesday lunch buffet as well. Think street tacos with homemade tortillas, BBQ pulled pork, chicken verde, enchiladas, spa selections, grilled fresh fish, adobe pie, soups, seasonal salads, vegetarian options, a dessert bar and more for 12.99.

Afrah in Richardson is another hot go-to spot for fine Mediterranean food that also has a buffet daily. Look for the usual grilled meats and vegetables that are always fresh and delicious. Lunch buffet is 12.99.

It is time we get you on the hot Korean bandwagon. There are many restaurants to choose from in Dallas and we are recommending Omi Korean Bar and Grill, but it is fun to explore new places as they quickly pop up to satisfy this growing market. Here you may order off the menu a large variety of Korean dishes, but you will want to sample the Korean BBQ. Be prepared to cook your own food on a flaming hot plate in the center of the table. You will be supplied with your choice of meats and sauces plus endless banchan, those lovely side dishes that just keep coming no matter how much you eat. Dinner is 20.99 per person.

Looking for something a little different in a buffet? Try the Vietnamese cuisine at the east Dallas restaurant, Vietnam. A full selection of your Vietnamese favorites.

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