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Ten Lucky Dishes You May Enjoy in Dallas for the New Year

newyearby Steven Doyle

Luck be a lady tonight and throughout 2022 should she following along with our all-star guide to superstitiously delicious and fortunate foods from around the globe but can also be found right here in the DFW area to stack the odds in her favor.

Let’s take a look at some of the more serendipitous dishes:   Continue reading

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Best Buffet Selections in Dallas

buffet.jpgby Steven Doyle

We have been asked to write a list of the best buffets in Dallas and initially that seems like a dreadful task, but once we pulled off the ugly layers of the buffet onion we were shocked at how many lovely experiences could be found. The very best way to run a buffet situation is to keep it fresh, clean and with an unusual variety to keep guest’s interest. In the case of the Indian food buffet, it makes for an excellent canvass to bring newcomers to the cuisine with the ability to instantly sample a variety of dishes and spark an interest that may not have formerly been there.

We think we found a few you will enjoy. We hope you share your favorites in the comment section! Continue reading

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Kalachandji’s Offers A Cuisine Unlike Any In Dallas

kalachandjisby Steven Doyle

One of my first visits to Kalachandji’s was as a college student, and it was Thanksgiving. The meal included a visit to the Krishna temple escorted by one of the many devotees who live in the neighboring homes. With the meal we enjoyed a tofu turkey, which was actually much more delicious than it sounds. Although the spice level is very minimal, the repast was elegant and flavorful. We dined in the open air patio which is centered inside the restaurant.

During subsequent visits I was shown more of the cuisine, and always have a great sampling at the luncheon buffet which is excellently curated by the cooks, setting out just enough for the guests as necessary as not to compromise the quality of the food.   Continue reading

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Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

Marilyn-eats-a-burgerby Steven Doyle

This Friday brings us to a boiling heat as we fast approach temps well over 100 degrees in the Dallas area. It is time to stoke those backyard fires and go silly with your favorite veggies or meat, and soak up some of those intense rays while enjoying your pool, even if it is the child-like blow up style.

You might want to hit the streets later and hunt and gather a good meal, and we have a few fun suggestions to take you into the weekend as we present our Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds for this week.  Continue reading

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Kalachandji’s Re-Opens Today After Fire Scare

by Steven Doyle

I stopped by Kalachandji’s this weekend to check out the damage to the kitchen during a recent fire at the Krishna Temple and was met with some good news for those craving their vegetarian fix.  The restaurant should be open today and there was actually no damage to the kitchen or restaurant itself other than a bit of smoke.   Continue reading

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