Dallas Fish Market Adds Raw Bar

Triptow 1 Editedby Steven Doyle   photos by Joey Stewart

It’s no secret that we are fans of Dallas Fish Market and chef Richard Triptow. He is a master in the kitchen and his dishes are pure art. His culinary experience had him working under three chefs at The Mansion: Dean Fearing, John Tesar, and Bruno Davaillon.

“The kitchen under Fearing was a very competitive environment, and most of what I learned about seafood came from Tesar. He took me under his wing and really taught me the styles and techniques that I still use today. Bruno definitely passed along his French influence to me,” Triptow told us.

Raw Bar 1

Nigiri 2_.jpeg

The chef might appear a little shy but he likes to keep things interesting in his kitchen and bounces back between Dallas Fish Market and Dallas Chop House, both located on Main Street in downtown Dallas.

The restaurant recently underwent a major update with the addition of the raw bar and menu perks such as Rappahannock, Beausoliel, Salt Grass and duxbury oysters, caviar, a variety of Makimono and sashimi, and small plates such as crab cakes, a variety of ceviches and a delightfully thin fresh tuna “pizza” which we particularly enjoyed.

Oysters 1

Ice Fish 1.jpeg

The grouping of ceviches was heavenly in conception and in delivery which lobster, shrimp and mixed seafood  which included crab and lobster bites.

Great bites of Nigiri were taken down such as Patagonian salmon,  Bigeye tuna, Japanese yellowtail and even a clever avocado version that left us reeling for more.

Shooters 2

Tuna Pizza 1

Raw Bar Wide 2

Also enjoy a selection of poke bowls including our spicy favorite the wasabi tuna bowl which also included jalapeño, edamame, daikon, pickled onion. A true bargain at $12.


These items are in addition to Dallas Fish Market’s regular menu and also may be enjoyed at their generous happy hour.

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