Dallas Enchilada All Star Line Up

by Steven Doyle

Growing up in Dallas it would be difficult to avoid the enchilada. The Tex-Mex beauties delicately filled, rolled and sauced for your dining pleasure. And what great memories most Texans have as children growing up noshing on the humble enchilada each Wednesday in our public schools, the same day that El Fenix  offers their inexpensive deal on enchiladas. Perhaps some lay in puddles of grease, but we know how to sop that up with a tortillas for an extra side-car treat.

This past week we craved enchiladas and sought them out with vengeance. This began as our five favorites, but as we started in on them the list grew. Enjoy these enchiladas are in no particular order because Cinco de Mayo and all.

By the way, the list does not include marvelous Mexican restaurants such as Jose. We certainly do not consider them in the same category as Tex Mex.

Herrera’s was featured in this issue of National Geographic in 1984

One of the first restaurants that we fell in love with as a child was Herrera’s. We remember going to the restaurant and watching people sit on beer coolers in front of the five-table restaurant on Maple. As you finally walked into the restaurant there was a kitchen to the immediate left and a woman made tortillas in front of us. If you were polite she would toss you a hot one.

The Grapevine Bar now resides on the hallowed ground and Herrera’s moved after a fire. If particularly hungry you may wish to order the Jimi’s Special which includes pretty much everything on the menu. Delicious are also the thick chewy tortillas that accompany any order, along with a complimentary cup of steamy bean soup.

Look for the newest Herrera’s in Addison.


Manny’s in Uptown serves this delicious plate that is made up of two chicken enchiladas topped with a pair of eggs for good measure.


Omar Flores, who brought us Whistle Britches, scores a home run with Muchacho. Thank us later.


Cuquita’s was named one of the top five Mexican restaurants by Texas Monthly. The tiny hide-a-way in Farmer’s Branch and Garland offers big plates of delicious enchiladas wrapped with Cucuita’s own tortillas. Definitely a class favorite.

Mia Enriquez is one happy gal and she makes what most consider the best brisket tacos in Dallas at her namesake restaurant, Mia’s Tex Mex. What she also makes is one hell of a great brisket enchilada. When visiting Dallas most tourists make a beeline to Mia’s and join the locals as we sup on amazing Tex-Mex.


Monica Greene is the final word in Tex Mex. Go visit Monica’s and eat her enchiladas.


Avila’s is also located on Maple Avenue in Dallas, and has an all star plate of enchiladas. They were also featured on the Food Network, so must be true? (They are really good.)


Did someone mention E Bar? Our favorite enchilada is a bit unconventional, stuffed with mushrooms and spinach. The result is crazy good, but don’t think we have a problem with the beef or chicken versions. All is good at E Bar. Even curbside.


The latest Tex Mex sensation is actually a throwback to wilder times. Primo’s has one excellent enchilada.


If you name your restaurant enchilada’s you best serve a great version. Enchilada’s on Greenville does just that.


Enchiladas in unlikely places. Consider the chicken version at Cowboy Chicken. These are seriously delicious.  This is the rotisserie chicken kitchen that has offered their menu for over thirty years.

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