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Dallas Enchilada All Star Line Up

by Steven Doyle

Growing up in Dallas it would be difficult to avoid the enchilada. The Tex-Mex beauties delicately filled, rolled and sauced for your dining pleasure. And what great memories most Texans have as children growing up noshing on the humble enchilada each Wednesday in our public schools, the same day that El Fenix  offers their inexpensive deal on enchiladas. Perhaps some lay in puddles of grease, but we know how to sop that up with a tortillas for an extra side-car treat.

This past week we craved enchiladas and sought them out with vengeance. This began as our five favorites, but as we started in on them the list grew. Enjoy these enchiladas are in no particular order because Cinco de Mayo and all.

By the way, the list does not include marvelous Mexican restaurants such as Jose. We certainly do not consider them in the same category as Tex Mex.

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Meet Cable Smith of Mason Bar

by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick

Earlier this week we introduced you to chef David Anthony Temple (DAT) who will be opening up the Mason Bar at the end of January. Temple will not be cooking alone and has brought in an inspiring chef that has cooked with both Kent Rathbun and Richard Blais. His demeanor is cool handed, and his cooking is inspirational. Dallas is most fortunate to have Cable Smith who will open as chef de cuisine at Mason Bar.

Please meet Cable Smith.          Continue reading

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Fried Pies and Food Trucks: Bless Us Baby Jesus

by Steven Doyle

In the heat of the Rally moment, we are sincerely looking forward to what will probably be a mob scene at the Greenville Avenue Sigel’s Saturday night.

There has been plenty of tongue wagging in the blogosphere concerning the Dallas Food Truck Rally, certainly we are included in that feeding frenzy. While we have all read plenty about the many participants, little has been said about The Bomb Fried Pies. They freaking make a guacamole fried pie. That is a serious pie worth talking about.   Continue reading


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Win Dinner at Jorge’s

by Steven Doyle

Earlier today we enticed you with Hatch Pepper offerings from Jorge’s on One Arts Plaza. In going through our prize closet we just ran across a gift certificate to Jorge’s in the amount of 25 bucks. We would like to hand this out today to one lucky craveDFW reader so you can enjoy some of the things Steven and Rod had last night.  How to win? Jump!  Continue reading


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Down the Hatch

by Steven Lindsey   photos by Rod Orta

Next to Christmas, opening day of the State Fair, and that new-car smell, one of my favorite things in the world is Hatch Green Chile Season. It’s a brief time of year when one of the best food-enhancers in the world reaches its peak. From local grocery stores roasting the fiery suckers to restaurants creating hot new menu creations, Hatch Chiles are a thing of culinary beauty.

And Jorge’s in One arts Plaza is keeping things fresh and simple with two new menu items highlighting the pureness that is Hatch. What I wasn’t expecting was a cavalcade of cocktails courtesy of Nacho, the creative genius behind a new era of creativity behind the Jorge’s bar. The drinks just kept coming. And coming. And coming.  Continue reading


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People’s Choice Award: Best Restaurant

by Steven Doyle

We appreciate everyone’s love and attention this summer, and we feel the awards have gone over very well. We have the plaques ready to pass out and have given away dozens of gift cards from a whole host of restaurants in DFW to the people that make this work, specifically you. There is one more week after this award, and we appreciate you sticking with us through the voting process.  Continue reading


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