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Stalking Julie Powell Part Deux

by Steven Doyle

On slower days such as this we like to turn to Facebook for amusement. Nothing charms us more than a look-see through Julie Powell’s Facebook wall where she offers daily quips and anarchy. You may recall Powell from the book Julie and Julia, with the subsequent film of the same title.

She describes herself on Facebook as such: “I may be a narcissistic whore, a libidinous shrew, and a defiler of the institution of marriage, but other than that I’m really a very nice person.”

Stalk on with us as we filter through some of her updates.  Continue reading

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Dining On The Cutting Edge

by Ina Bostick

photos by Robert Bostick

Nothing will spoil a wonderful meal faster than having inferior flatware that is too light weight  or clunky.  Fortunately Crave had the opportunity to test a new line that is neither.  In fact this set adds the additional feature of having a beveled outer tine that allows the diner to cut meats.  This well balanced, well Continue reading

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