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It’s Friday The 13th And We Have Some Lucky Dishes For You To Sample

by Steven Doyle

It’s Friday the 13th and for some superstitious types might considered this day unlucky.  But we have sampled a few dishes this week that with even the smallest shred of luck you might want to sample and turn all that Bad Joss around.    Continue reading

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Perrier-Jouet Dinner at Nosh

by David Donalson

When should you drink champagne? Some people will say at special occasions while some people like me will say as soon as you can get a bottle. So after receiving an invitation to drink GH Mumm and Perrier-Jouet while eating at Dallas hot spot Nosh Euro Bistro, I could not resist.

While waiting for the rest of the dining party to arrive, we were greeted by Agnes Laplanche-Jones, Brand Development Manager, and a glass of GH Mumm Cordon Rouge. Agnes was here to walk the party through the tasting of the wines. I always love hearing the stories behind the wines and the people involved in their creation, like how the top wine from Perrier-Jouet got its name.   Continue reading


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Nosh Heats Up Last Night For Hell’s Kitchen Watching Party

by Steven Doyle    photos by Steven Doyle

Last night I was invited by a few friends to join them at Nosh Euro Bistro to view the season premier of Hell’s Kitchen, the Gordon Ramsey bitch-fest extravaganza that involves 18 chefs from across the country that were selected to compete for the ultimate chef-prize of working as head chef in one of the best restaurants in the United States.

Locally we are excited for the bright and beautiful Carrie Keep, a pantry chef who works at the Highland Park kitchen of Nosh under the long-time Dallas chef and restaurateur Avner Samuel and his exec chef Jon Stevens.

Running a bit late for the viewing I approached the restaurant at about 7:40pm only to find the building being evacuated. Apparently a fire broke out in the kitchen due to a malfunction of an oven causing flames to jet out uncontrollably.  Owner Samuel was on hand and attempted to squelch the flames to no avail.  Continue reading


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Dining On The Cutting Edge

by Ina Bostick

photos by Robert Bostick

Nothing will spoil a wonderful meal faster than having inferior flatware that is too light weight  or clunky.  Fortunately Crave had the opportunity to test a new line that is neither.  In fact this set adds the additional feature of having a beveled outer tine that allows the diner to cut meats.  This well balanced, well Continue reading

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