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Bombay Chowpatty For A Delicious Chaat

DSC05766by Steven Doyle

You may have seen the word ‘chaat’ before, and if you are familiar with the Indian term, then you know you are blessed. Chaat refers to the little snacks often served roadside in stalls or food carts. Typically a vendor will specialize in one type of chaat, often starting with pieces of dough and vegetables. Almost all certainly vegetarian or vegan in nature. One of the more popular places in India to find chaat is along the boardwalk at Chowpatty beach in Mumbai, India. Here you will find many shrines to the Hindu gods, and is the place of one of the largest Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. There are also plenty of chaat stalls to be found. Think of chaat as more of recreation and celebration than of fine dining.   Continue reading


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Getting Your Indian Fix At Chaat Cafe

by Steven Doyle

Chaat Café  is billed as a fresh and casual Indian fast food restaurant, but there is absolutely no resemblance to what you might consider fast food. The food is served in the same relative time as any other restaurant, and is hand-made to order with precision and care. The concept is a national chain, but each location has a local flair. Since Irving has a tremendous Indian population, it is very popular with the locals.

The menu at Chaat is fairly extensive with a full line of chaat, or Indian nibbles such as Pani Puri (crisp shells stuffed with potatoes and garbanzo beans) or a variety of Pakora and Samosas.

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Summer Indian Chaat Festival at Samar Deserves a Longer Run


Sadly, Samar by Stephan Pyles will close in a couple of weeks for three months of scheduled renovations to the office building that it occupies. Not only will this mean that we don’t get the regular menu, it will also mean that they won’t get a chance to reprise hits from their one night Summer Chaat Festival last night (where I was an invited guest). Chaat is Indian street food and examples are rare here, being confined mainly to the small cadre of authentic Indian restaurants dotted around Irving and Plano.     Continue reading

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Stop By Samar For A Chaat

chaatby Andrew Chalk

Samar by Stephan Pyles just announced a Summer Chaat Festival on Wednesday June 12th. Guests get a three-course menu for $35 ($55 with wine pairings) plus tax and gratuities. There will be live entertainment as well. Chaat is the term for Indian savory street food although its popularity has spread more broadly in southern Asia.

Samar will also have kebabs. The Chaat menu is served throughout the evening. Call (214) 922-9922 for reservations. This is the last event at Samar before they close their doors for a major renovation.

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