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Dallas Farmers Market News Including Chef Series

chefby Steven Doyle

It is time once again for the Dallas Farmer’s Market Chef Series. These marvelous cooking classes are no doubt the best deal in Dallas. Meet the chefs and learn fun cooking skills. The line-up is really special and celebrates the end of Summer and coming Fall.

Each class is scheduled from 11am to 1pm and costs $25 which is due the Thursday before the session, or $30 at the door. Click here for the complete schedule or to purchase advance tickets.      Continue reading

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Getting Sauced at Mickey D’s

bigmac4by Nafeisa Shukair-Farley

Our society has always been obsessed with “sauce.”  Dallas Cowboys Cole Beasley is the “sauce” on the field, Beyoncé has “hot sauce” in her bag, and good “sauce” will take a meal to the next level, and the most important… good liquor is the “sauce.”  So it should be no surprise that when McDonalds announced they were bottling up their “special sauce” to give away, the public ate it up!  Society has waited since 1967 to get their hands on the special sauce and now they have the opportunity to grab one of the limited 10,000 bottles.   Continue reading

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Cooking With Pantera, And A Chainsaw

anselmoby Steven Doyle

For a little fun and games to start our week off with a giggle we bring you a video that proves that everyone is a culinary enthusiast at heart. Even Phil Anselmo. Oh, you remember Anselmo of glam metal band Pantera who OD’d on heroin  in Dallas back in 1996. Now we have captured a video that gives us a glimpse into his fictitious cooking show.

Better than Guy Fieri.  Jump for a good laugh. Continue reading

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Remembering David Wade the Rembrandt of the Kitchen

wadeby Steven Doyle

As a child I enjoyed the very best of all the local latch key television that included all the wonderful people you may remember, or perhaps not. For me it was not about animated shorts or faux rock stars being chased from one room to another to the tune of Daydream Believer. No, it was about the food, even then.

The Dallas public television station was on the leading edge of all things foodie, even back in the 70’s with such giants as Jeff Smith the Frugal Gourmet, Justin Wilson the comedic Cajun who threw down a mean pot of gumbo,  Graham Kerr the inebriated Galloping Gourmet, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. But perhaps few recall the Gourmand that Gourmands talked bout, David Wade. Continue reading


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