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Happy Mom’s Day

by Steven Doyle

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend and the staff at craveDFW asked that I give a shout out to their mothers.  They know who they are and we love you. Now take good care of mom, and we will too.  As for me, I am going to check out Del Frisco is Dallas for their very first Mother’s Day Brunch. David Holben will no doubt take great care of our city full of moms.

If that isn’t your style there are plenty of options. Just flip back through old craveDFW stories. We have written a bajillion brunch stories.  This is my way of saying… it’s happy hour.

Stop in next week where we will have several contests, fun stories, interviews and a look at a very awesome Fort Worth restaurant that I will demand you try. Night ya’ll.

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Andy Peay Visits Del Frisco

by Steven Doyle

As the first official wine dinner at Del Frisco’s with the new Wine Director Jennifer Jaco, we were eager to not only witness the sommelier in action but meet her guest host for the evening, Andy Peay.  Peay himself hadn’t spent much time in Texas over the past several years so this was a particular boon for not only Jaco, but her guests.

Jaco worked the room with her typical aplomb and signature grin. You could get the sense that she was extremely pleased to be in the room that night. The sommelier has a nice Dallas following and the room filled quickly.              Continue reading

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