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I Propose Pie Season Be A Real Thing: Great Pie Finds In Dallas

pieby Steven Doyle

Is there a thing called “pie season”? I know there is a Pie Council, possibly in the same vein as Garrison Keillor’s “Catsup Advisory Board” or his “American Duct Tape Council”. Pie Season to me would encompass most of the calendar not already loaded up with pie goodness such as National Pi Day, or Pie Day. There is also “Eat a Pie Day – December 1”, “Raspberry Cream Pie Day – August 1”, “National Cherry Pie Day – February 1” and a litany of other super cool pie days. Continue reading

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Resolutions Be Damned, We Have Seven Places To Cheat In Dallas

pie ladyby Steven Doyle

The new year is here and you have made those beloved resolutions that will keep you fit and happy straight through bikini season.  One problem, you have already cheated. And you will most likely continue to cheat. And we seriously have no problem with that.

The sole reason you should be here reading this is because you appreciate a fine meal and a night out on the town. We do too. To facilitate the inevitable we bring you seven delicious ways to break those resolutions.  Continue reading

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Eat This! Del Frisco’s Grille Fall Menu

by Andrew Chalk

A shower of leaves on my shoulder as I walked the dog this week confirmed — Fall is here. And although Fall in Dallas may be shorter than some commutes, the good news is that the area’s many seasonally aware restaurants turn over their menus. That gave me a sense of anticipation towards a media event at Del Frisco’s Grille in Uptown to showcase their menu changes.

Recall that Del Frisco’s is more than just the more popularly-priced baby brother to Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. It is broader in concept, encompassing a more equal distribution of proteins, flatbreads and burgers.

We could not have started better than the Roasted Corn Bisque ($9 bowl, $7 cup), a redoubtable bowl of full-bodied corn soup bestowed with velvety smoothness by ladles of heavy cream and textural variance by slithers of tortilla chips scattered on top. To naysayers who object that corn is not in season, it is through the end of November. So slurp this dish avariciously.

A big theme in the new menu is sharing. Appetizers of Deviled Eggs with truffle-chive vinaigrette ($7.50), Pimento Cheese Fritters with chipotle ranch sauce ($9.50) and Grilled Artichoke with Continue reading

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