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Zero Gradi Makes Its U.S. Debut in Dallas

Zero Gradi Gelateria and Dessert Bar just made its U.S. debut in Dallas’ City Center District and is now transporting Dallasites to Amalfi Coast’s beautiful beaches.

Imagine walking barefoot along the Italian coast, surrounded by cloudless blue skies and the Mediterranean sea’s clear emerald water. What would make the moment even more perfect? Fresh, handcrafted Italian pastries and gelato, which you can find just off the shores of the Amalfi Coast. 

CVD Developments, LLC – owners of 400 Gradi Dallas, located right next to the new Zero Gradi Gelateria and Dessert Bar – wanted an experiential design firm to help bring this Italian vision to life, while also sticking to the concept’s Australian roots. So, they hired Harrison, a Dallas-based, award-winning design consultancy with a worldwide reach. Harrison also has offices in the U.K. and Melbourne, Australia, which perfectly positioned the company to support Zero Gradi. As concept designer and architect of record, Harrison provided the client with turnkey service. Inspiration for their designs came from the pastel-colored parasols that lined the Amalfi Coast beaches during the ‘60s and ‘70s.

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Meet Princi Italia Exec Pastry Chef Ryan Jungman

DSC02775by Steven Doyle

We visited with the pastry chef from Princi Italia in Plano and Dallas this week and was able to sample some new items headed to the menu  this week. Executive Pastry Chef Ryan Jungman has been baking in Dallas for many years working at some notable restaurants such as Stephan Pyles and Charlie Palmer, and has worked with chefs such as Marc Cassel, Jackson York and Joel Harloff. His skills are sweetly honed and may be found in full action at one of his kitchens. Continue reading

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Resolutions Be Damned, We Have Seven Places To Cheat In Dallas

pie ladyby Steven Doyle

The new year is here and you have made those beloved resolutions that will keep you fit and happy straight through bikini season.  One problem, you have already cheated. And you will most likely continue to cheat. And we seriously have no problem with that.

The sole reason you should be here reading this is because you appreciate a fine meal and a night out on the town. We do too. To facilitate the inevitable we bring you seven delicious ways to break those resolutions.  Continue reading

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Sweet Treats To Finally Put An End To Your Silly New Year’s Resolutions

IMG_5928by Steven Doyle

Admit that you have already blown your New Years resolutions. If everyone behaved themselves we would be out of business, along with most of the city’s restaurants. In keeping with your good nature we wish to explore a few choice desserts in Dallas. Follow along at home and make reservations!   Continue reading

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Eight Classic Dallas Desserts You Must Try Now

IMG_5924by Steven Doyle

There are few things as satisfying as the sweet grand finale presented at the end of a beautiful meal, and Dallas has a few standards that should not be missed. Consider these sweets a bucket list situation that could be accomplished in one evening if you have a wolf pack of friends willing to pitch in with the heavy lifting of forks and spoons.   Continue reading

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