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Chasen’s: The Most Famous Chili In The World


Around the turn of the century, chili joints appeared in Texas. By the 1920s they were familiar all over the West, and by the depression years there was hardly a town that didn’t have a chili parlor. The chili joints were usually no more than a shed or a room with a counter and some stools. Usually a blanket was hung up to separate the kitchen.

It was during the Great Depression when chili joints meant the difference between starvation and staying alive. Chili was cheap and crackers were free. At the time chili was said to have saved more people from starvation than the Red Cross.

On of the most famous chili joints was actually the highfalutin restaurant – Chasen’s Restaurant in Hollywood, California. The owner of the restaurant, Dave Chasen who was an  ex-vaudeville performer, kept the recipe his guarded secret, entrusting it to no one. For years he came to the restaurant every Sunday to privately cook up a batch, which he would freeze for the week believing that the chili was best when reheated (it is). “It is a kind of bastard chili” was all that Dave Chasen would divulge.   Continue reading


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Winston’s Prime Time Hollywood

by Steven Doyle

Tuesday I stopped in at Winston’s Supper Club to check out the Prime Time Hollywood event and was pleased to see the club has taken its own path in the night club scene in Dallas. There was plenty of action as the night moved from one aspect of the event to another including a presentation from the ever outrageous chef Otto Borsisch from season two of Top Chef, to Sharon Hodges of the Hilton Anatole’s Fashion’s Living Canvas premiere runway show as she transformed a live model into a work of art.            Continue reading

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Prime Time Hollywood At Winston’s: The Ultimate In Hobnobbery

by Steven Doyle

Here is your  chance to hear from some of the most prominent Hollywood writers, producers, directors, creators and film makers in the industry. From 8 PM – 10 PM on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, patrons have the chance to experience a live cooking presentation and food tasting by Bravo’s Top Chef Otto Borsisch. Immediately following, master painter Sharon Hodges, of the Hilton Anatole’s Fashion’s Living Canvas premiere runway show, will transform models into works of art live.     Continue reading

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