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‘Tis The Season For Bubbles

chalk1by Andrew Chalk

The best thing about my religion (The First Church of Immediate Gratification) is that the period from Thanksgiving thru’ January 1st is one long party. It beats learning long liturgical passages, self-denial, parsimony (and other root vegetables) and (most forms of) self flagellation. While participants of other faiths are burning candles, I’m burning them at both ends.

Top juice for the season is definitely sparkling wine. Recently I had a Skype conference with Julius Angel, Owner of Angelini Wine. He helps make my religious activities possible.    Continue reading

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Great Italian Food Deserves A Great Italian Wine

VodkaPasta1by Kenny Kucwaj

Italian wines are some of the most misunderstood wines in the world . I think most of us cut our teeth on rot gut cheap Chianti’s that had more acid than the marinara sauce we were eating with the spaghetti and meatballs. Some of that jug wine ( by the way Ernest and Julio Gallo was from California) was better suited to peel paint .Although I experienced my first Italian wines from my friends Grandfathers basements in Brooklyn ,and I don’t remember Wine spectator reviewing those I do remember how great they were with Nonna’s ( Grandmother in Italian) homemade pasta.   Continue reading

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Del Frisco Italian Wine Dinner

by Steven Doyle

Last week we attended the latest wine dinner hosted by sommelier Jennifer Jaco at Del Frisco Double Eagle Steakhouse. This was one of her more imaginative dinners and executive chef David Holben was totally on his game with the menu. Holben’s background, besides training at Michelin 3-star restaurants in France, includes The Riviera, for almost a decade one of the city’s premier restaurants. He also ran the kitchen at Mediterraneo and Toscana, a few of the more compelling Italian restaurants in Dallas history.

This was an interesting evening witnessing Holben’s departure from his typical Del Frisco menu.

While Jaco worked the room ensuring the comfort of her guests, we were guided through Italy vicariously through the fascinating stories and anecdotes of Italian wine expert Dan Rosenberg. By the end of the spirited evening most of the guests were chomping to book a flight to Italy. It is always a joy to see stand back and watch Jaco in action with her over-the-top wine knowledge and eagerness to share. Continue reading

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