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Kenny Checks Out Pizzeria Testa In Frisco

testa1by Ken Kucwaj

I finally stumbled into Pizzeria Testa in Frisco on a recent Sunday night to see what all the fuss is about. Being a skeptical New Yorker (and pizza expert, due to the thousands of slices consumed as a child) I was anxious to see what Michele D’ Amelio has created out of the two 7,000 pound Stefano Ferrara pizza ovens imported from Italy.

It’s Sunday Night in Frisco (ghost town) and this place is packed. We actually had to wait for a table. Once seated our server Allison was on the money. A true foodie and her passion for the product came through immediately.    Continue reading

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Kenny Checks Out Sfuzzi In Las Colinas

IMG_1072by Ken Kucwaj

The big surprise in Las Colinas is the major revamp of the menu from the original Sfuzzi in Uptown. Brad Woy, Carey Edmund and the rest of the team have done a bang up job in creating a concise menu that makes you want to try every dish.

First of all the restaurant is huge.  Over 10,000 square feet huge. It is well laid out, with a beautifully appointed main dining room, killer bar, private rooms for corporate events and some really nice patios. It’s all first class

Growing up in New York and eating the best Italian food in the world (sorry Boston and Philly) I have had a tough time, a really tough time, finding an Italian place I want to go back to.   Continue reading

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Great Italian Food Deserves A Great Italian Wine

VodkaPasta1by Kenny Kucwaj

Italian wines are some of the most misunderstood wines in the world . I think most of us cut our teeth on rot gut cheap Chianti’s that had more acid than the marinara sauce we were eating with the spaghetti and meatballs. Some of that jug wine ( by the way Ernest and Julio Gallo was from California) was better suited to peel paint .Although I experienced my first Italian wines from my friends Grandfathers basements in Brooklyn ,and I don’t remember Wine spectator reviewing those I do remember how great they were with Nonna’s ( Grandmother in Italian) homemade pasta.   Continue reading

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