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First Look: JoJo Eating House and Bar

by Steven Doyle

Being enamored with a restaurant is one of the casualties of what I do. Sometimes it manifests not too unlike a school girl crush. Last night I convinced a group to join me at JoJo Eating House and Bar; it wasn’t a difficult task. After the dining experience I wanted to pull JoJo’s hair and pass her sweet notes with two boxes at the ending: yes or no. She never says no.

This is a First Look post so there is no need to get into all the entanglements, but rest assured JoJo should rate high in any sensible review in the near future.      Continue reading


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JoJo Eating House and Bar Opens Tonight

by Steven Doyle

This weekend I was an invited guest to the pre-opening festivities at JoJo Eating House and Bar, the latest restaurant to open in Dallas in a long ration of new eateries in Dallas. Some of these new restaurants will gain the ire of public scrutiny; others will be issued a blessing that few restaurants receive as they become the patina of the Dallas landscape.

JoJo will be one of the lucky restaurants to survive and for a few good reasons.      Continue reading


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JoJo Opens For Biz Nov 19

by Steven Doyle

There has been a little bit of buzz surrounding the soon-to-open restaurant JoJo Eating House & Bar that is being constructed on Howell Street adjacent to the Quadrangle in Dallas. I haven’t seen the menu yet, but it has been described as “approachable Mediterranean menu that represents Spain, Morocco, France and Italy, yet anchored in classic French techniques”.

Chef/Owner Laurent Poupart will open JoJo next Monday, November 19th . By then we should have a proper First ook for you to see the food and new digs.

In a press release sent out today Poupart says that JoJo is a dream come true and that when he arrived in Dallas nearly four years ago he knew this was the city for him.        Continue reading


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