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Review: Soulfish Grill

soul4by Steven Doyle

Soulfish Grill would otherwise be noted as a quaint neighborhood bar if you were a casual passerby in scratch of a beer or cocktail, but scratch away the nautical patina and you find that it is a pretty tasty restaurant in disguise. I spent the first half of Fat Tuesday getting fatter noshing on a few shared plates with friends at Soulfish, and fell in love with the food, drinks and the people that patronize the two year old bar.

As it happened, this particular also evening fell on the monthly meeting of the Dallas Ukulele Club. The club is a vibrant mix of young and old ukulele enthusiasts from around the area, and basically filled the bar up with their members. For a fortunate few sitting at the bar we were able to take in the entertainment as a fly on the wall.      Continue reading

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