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Waffle House Is Too Legit To Close – Ever

waffle-houseby Steven Doyle

In 2007, an intoxicated Kid Rock got into a fight at an Atlanta restaurant and wound up in jail. In 2013, a woman was arrested for public intoxication at a Loganville, Ga., dining establishment where she mistook a cheeseburger for a shoe and wore it on her foot. And in March, an intoxicated women drove through the front window of a Crestview, Fla., then staggered inside without pants. In 2016 rapper Yung Mazi was shot once again at a restaurant. Continue reading

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Waffle House is Coming to Ross Avenue, Rejoice!

waffleby Steven Doyle

We mentioned this on our social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) but we are totally getting excited about this late night deal changer in East Dallas on Ross Avenue very near Greenville in Dallas. What was a massive empty lot is now taking shape into delicious waffles. Waffle House will soon be here, and we couldn’t be any happier.

What took Anthony Bourdaine a lifetime to discover, I believe most of us here have enjoy late night jaunts of potatoes that have been scattered, smothered and covered, crispy vanilla scented waffles, and eggs done usually the way we like them. Usually.  If it is good enough for Kobe Bryant, it is good enough for us. Continue reading

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5 Wonderful Things We Ate This Week

by Steven Doyle

Although a bit hot this has been a terrific week of dining in Dallas. We go eclectic on you today, even though we did have our share of pork belly and foie gras. This should ultimately prove we are not food snobs.

We will take in our fair share of lamb belly or kani-miso, but every day we look to the burger and the illustrious taco to fit the bill. Ride along with us as we check out five of the best things we ate this week.     Continue reading


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