Food Truck Rally Was Sizzling Hot

by Steven Doyle   photos by Suzi Migdol

For the first Food Truck Rally to be held at the Sigel’s parking lot on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, the event went off fairly well. It was close to what we anticipated but the crowd s exceeded what the organizers at Sigel’s expected with swells up to 2,000 people hitting the lines that extended past a one hour wait.

The trucks are on the streets every day in Dallas, some for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many understood that these tacos and fried pies could be found daily around town, but stayed in the searing 109 degree heat strictly for fun.  

The heat certainly played a factor in the day with at least two people passing out from heat stroke only to be carted off in an ambulance. Others found refuge in the cool temperatures of Sigel’s liquor store where samples of Samuel Adams and Rahr beer along with a variety of wine were being passed, and much shorter lines.

We found more than a few craveDFW readers enjoying the day, but a few were met with consternation when their fried pie orders were lost and eventually had their cash returned.

We caught up with the marketing genius at Sigel’s, Jasper Russo and he offered, “we obviously have some tweaking needed for future events, but we will meet soon and plan out how we might do a better job. But I think this has been a success overall.”

The crowds seemed happy, the food trucks sold all their groceries, and few casualties reported. All in all, a rousing success.


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  1. Damn, that kid in your first pic was way cute … and sweaty. Sorry I missed you, Steven! You might have seen me heading back to my car at roughly 6:15 disappointed with myself for being overheated. 😉

  2. slade

    isnt driving to a food truck defeat the purpose of stumbling across one…i have yet to see any downtown to anywhere conveinent to walk to while i am at work.

  3. slade


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