Cake Cafe in NOLA Charms and Satisfies

by Suzi Migdol

There are plenty of fantastic places to eat in New Orleans, but on my last visit I wanted to check out some of the more hidden or out of the way places for lunch. I was steered by  Michelle, my host, who claimed, “This sandwich is a religious experience.” I had to try Cake Café on that recommendation alone.  

Owner Steve Himelfarb is known in the rising community as the Cake Man. It’s at his little café that he creates these marvelous boozy cupcakes that are flavored with Champagne, mimosa and Sazerac. There are plenty of choices for the teetotalers and includes such favorites as red velvet and wedding cake. On this particular weekend the town was in Southern Decadence  frenzy and were offering penis cakes, so anything is possible at Cake Café.

We entered the café in search of these brilliant sandwiches and found Becky behind the counter who later told us that when she met the chef she said, “I’m going to marry him. I want to eat his icing everyday.”

We ordered up the recommended crab sandwiches since we heard that the crab was locally caught and was cleaned  and prepared on premises. The sandwiches were heaped heavy with huge chunks of crab along with brie, fresh spinach, and bacon on challah bread and served with a side salad with ginger and miso dressing.

The sandwich has haunted me since the first bite.

After finishing the huge sandwich we had to ask, did she marry the chef?  Becky shot back, “Well yeah!”

Suzi Migdol is a contributing photographer to craveDFW and has an amazing ability to place herself in very photogenic places. More on her NOLA visit later this week.


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  1. last pic clearly shows why she wanted to eat his icing

  2. Rose

    the freshly baked challah bread is the best part!!!!!!!! Go Allison!

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