Joy Grazes Through The New Brunch At Marquee

by Joy Jangle

Sundays are awesome for several reasons: you can laze around, nurse the pain from the night before, and my personal favorite: Brunch! It had been awhile since I’ve stopped by Marquee Grill, a lady can only stay away for so long….  

I decided to be adventurous and went for the heavenly Mulligan Brunch Punch to get things started – with a refreshing mixture of Prosecco, St-Germain, Iced Tea and House-Made Lemonade, this was the perfect cocktail for a Sunday morning. With slight floral notes, a hint of sweet and tart from the tea and lemonade, it’s one of those drinks you fall madly in love with.

Though it’s meant for 2 I’m pretty sure I could’ve finished the entire thing to myself. Drink at your own risk.

To keep things light I went for the Crispy Rock Shrimp and Baby Spinach Salad.  The Fuji apples and hazelnuts gave it a great crunch and the white balsamic vinaigrette really brought it all together. The portions were more than generous and can easily be shared, but don’t worry, I did no such thing.

There was also the infamous Steak and Eggs – I made sure to drench my steak in the heavenly truffle butter. The potato hash was cooked to perfection and served with fluffy scrambled eggs. Men, this is where it’s at.

What could make Brunch more complete than finishing off with some dessert? The Almond Financier is a must, as it shows you that Chef Wilcox really knows how to pluck a lady’s heart strings. It was beautifully plated, with the rich hues of red from the Macerated Strawberries and Strawberry Sorbet and the dreamy combination of the textures from the delicate almond cake swimming in the glorious citrus consommé.

Also don’t forget the blackberry cheesecake drizzled with honey and basil reduction – the texture of the cheesecake was rich and silky. The plating was imaginative and the colors were fresh and vibrant.

Be sure to visit Marquee Grill for brunch every Sunday from 10:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Joy loves a good brunch, but be looking for her new chef interview column in coming weeks where Joy takes the talent on the road. Also catch her award winning food blog Joylicious where she will entice you further with  her amazing photography.


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