Chef Josh Black Lands At People’s Last Stand

by Steven Doyle

We have been following Josh Black since he was at Stephan Pyles, and eventually landing the executive chef position at CampO.  Recently Black made off and scored the lead kitchen duties at the People’s Last Stand located in Mockingbird Station. At first this seemed like an odd choice for someone trained as well as Black, but upon further inspection it made glaring sense.

The down side for a chef at People’s Last Stand is that there really isn’t a kitchen. The space was built for a cocktail wonderland, and certainly the staff has excelled greatly in that department.  A recent visit had me sitting on the edge of my seat as general manager and lead bartender Omar Yeefoon, formerly of Cedars Social, was perfecting a made-from-scratch tonic.  He had several vials sitting out and was conferring with his staff to see which they might be serving that evening.  They were all good, of course.    

Back in the kitchen chef Black is busy prepping for dinner service which has to be on the imaginative side since he is not working with a fryer or grill.  Until Black moved in the bar simply made do with kicked up panini’s and such. These were pretty excellent and not much more was expected from the bar as the cocktails are so tight they carry the place.

Now you can enjoy cheese boards inspired from Mss Ali at Scardello along side charcuterie. Flatbreads are offered with shaved black truffles, foraged greens and mushrooms. Raw or baked oysters illuminate the menu selection as does a special pork jowl ravioli.

Another item that will catch your eye on the heartier side of the menu is the Amish chicken supplemented with mashed potato, zucchini, carrots and sweet corn powder. Now that is the Josh Black we love and admire.

The summer cocktail menu at People’s will be ready in a matter of days and we will be on the spot to bring you the skinny on the libations up close and personal.



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